Friday, April 25, 2014


Yikes....I hadn't realized it's been almost two weeks since I posted. Shame on me!!!! Today is not a Husky's about my sweet pittie boy Spencer. For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile...I have mentioned Spencer several times.

 A couple of years ago we had some of our huskies in kennel and my friend Becks and I used to go and love on them and feed them treats every week. There were a lot of other rescue dogs too and we started doing the same with them. I completely fell in love with Spencer , and if I hadn't had so many dogs would have adopted him. When our huskies were finally out of kennel we still went every week to see all the other babies. Spencer looked forward to seeing us every week and I started working with know , sit , stay, that kind of stuff. Time marches on and as of the end of last year Spencer had been in kennel for close to three years!!!!! Last year I met Greg and we started taking him to adoption events...hoping we could get him a great new home. Everyone loved him at the events....but no takers.
At the beginning of the year Greg started networking with some groups that take dogs to new homes out of state. A woman in Massachusetts saw Spencer's picture online and adopted him right then!!! Greg told her he is a big boy, she didn't care, she had just lost a 100 lb. Malamute....and she wanted him!!! A few weeks ago he was part of a transport of 74 dogs coming from the south and going to new homes in the north.

And today he was on the TODAY's just a really quick shot of him....I have the screen grab included....but so happy today.

 His name is now Teddy and he has a new life!!! Sometimes rescue is really that really brightened my day!!! I've included the link to the story, it's really incredible what this guy does every other weekend. And no, that's not my friend Greg. Please enjoy the story and see how people are making a difference in dogs lives.

Have a great evening!!!!


  1. We are so happy that "Teddy" now has a happy life. That is what all dogs deserve!! A forever home!

    1. Me too....he's such a sweetheart and so deserves a great home. I wish we could make sure every dog could have that!!!!

  2. Love his new name and so pleased after such a long while he now has a loving forever home. Nice one. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Me too Miss glad he is in a loving home!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!