Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mr Tango......

So if you remember my story from January 8th of this year....the one with the dog escaping on my first day to meet Husky Haven volunteers...that dog was Tango.

So now I'll tell a bit of his story. After they finally had him back to the house I found out that he had a dad, Randy, but he was in Europe on assignment. It was one of those three months or maybe three years type of things, I know Randy was hoping for the shorter, but he asked our director if she could watch him. She said OK and he kind of became the house dog. Everyone knew him and he loved everyone!!!! He was the 80 pound lap dog!!!
About a year went by and Tango was still having a great time at Pat's , when we got a phone call. It was from the SPCA and they had found a Husky on the side of the road, shot in the face and left to die. Their problem, if we couldn't take her she would have to be put down. Pat decided  she would have surgery....they had to remove part of her jaw, and leave the rest of the fragments next to her eye or she would lose it. When it came to her recuperation....she came to Pat's to get better.....we knew Tango wouldn't hurt her. I think it was love at first sight!!! He was fantastic with her and they became the best of friends.....40 pound Kaylene and 80 pound Tango. When Randy returned a couple of months later he couldn't break those two up so he adopted her and called her Mango. Mango and Tango!!!!I talked to him a few times after that and all was well. After a while I would ask our director how they were doing and everything was fine.
Fast forward to November of last year. Randy contacted me, he had a three month assignment overseas and asked if I'd keep an eye on the dogs since they were in kennel. No problem!!!! I'd go at least once a week...they were so happy to see me...we'd walk and I'd spoil them with treats. My friend Greg was also there many days a week and he'd do the same. They reminded us of a married couple in the best possible way!!! Randy came in February to pick them up and I got consumed with this fundraiser.......till today.
I was walking in Pat's kitchen to get some water before my next petsitting job, when the phone rang.....I couldn't get to it fast enough and it went to voicemail....Randy"I had to put Tango down this morning" click. I lost it right there....I think I cried for a half hour.....actually crying now. When I could compose myself I sent an email to Randy. He told me he had autoimmune issues and had started to fail yesterday. He had total liver and kidney failure this morning....and well you know.
Randy and Tango's last picture
Tango was truly a dog all the volunteers loved. I know both Randy and Mango are hurting today and will be for awhile. Randy at least you can get a laugh knowing that Tango was the dog that almost scared me away from rescue!!! I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge feeling good right now with all his friends that have gone before him....he's probably playing with my kitty, Ash. Love to you Mango....we miss you Tango.


  1. Sadness... I loved that boy. :-(

    1. Very much sadness....I so loved him....

  2. We are so sorry that Randy and Mango lost their beloved Tango. He had a good life and we know he was well loved. We send hugs and love to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I have such happy memories of being greeted by Tango at Pat's when I was a new volunteer. We all loved him! Such a beautiful dog.. It gives me peace to think of Tango and Lupa playing together at the Rainbow Bridge.


  4. We are sad too that hearts are now hurting. Run free Tango