Sunday, August 25, 2013

Some more thoughts and pics from Reliant.....

My friends will tell you that I really don't like doing shows. They take a lot of work , and in the case of Reliant , many days. But that being said , these are the events we get exposure for the dogs. I put on my smiling face and spend as much time as I can with as many customers as I can. I will keep working shows till we get homes for all our babies!!!
So just my short rant....I'll still be at any event, the kids need their forever homes!!!
Wanted to share a few pics I took when I had a chance to check out some other rescues. I always like to give some space on my blog for all the other rescues doing  good work for their babies.
This is Sadie from HOPE. I actually had a picture of her from Rides and Rescues....she is still looking for her forever home!!!
This sweetheart is from Big Dogs Huge Paws. He just laid there and everyone was coming over to give him love....he enjoyed every minute of it!!!
These guys are from Golden Beginnings. They were also hanging out for petting sessions all day!!!
If a Husky is not your cup of tea please go to the rescues I have linked to all year and find yourself a wonderful companion!!! But really think Husky first!!!
One last picture. We walked out  of Reliant through an area we usually don't , the show dog area. This is what it looks like when everyone vacates.....glad I don't have to clean up!!!
Have a wonderful evening....
Go Texans!!!!!


  1. It is so easy to fall in love with all the dogs that need help. The one from BDHP makes me want to pull him in my lap and talk baby talk to him, lol.

    As for all the least most of is bagged! I think it could be much, much worse!


    1. I know....he was so sweet!!! OK at least the trash is bagged....still wouldn't want to clean it up!!!

  2. Good luck to them all. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks you Molly....wonderful Monday to you too!!!!