Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pretty Penny and Einstein....

So with the shows and trying to plan new events, I forgot to post about a couple of adoptions in the last few weeks. So first will be Einstein. He came to us from animal control, of course, but was super sweet and so well trained. We had a show the week he came in and the girl who picked him up asked what his name was. We didn't have one so I said to call him Pi and we'd figure something out later. (We already have a Pi, so that name wouldn't fly!!!!) At the show one of the vendors noted he was so intelligent we should name him Einstein, and the name stuck. He had already had an application on him for foster from one of our previous adopters and they decided when they met him to adopt instead.

I wish I had some better pics of him....but he's a stunning boy!!!! He is now hanging around with other Huskies in his new forever home!!!!
Penny was just a puppy when she got to us.....well, she still is. She was picked up by the SPCA in not the best of shape. Or at least she didn't look great when we got her. She had a bad case of mange on her face, but luckily she wasn't ill like many of the puppies we see.
We knew with some loving care and some proper nutrition, we could help her. It always upsets me when people just leave animals like this. Well we worked our magic, and that's what I feel it is sometimes, and soon she was looking great!! One of our volunteers saw her, knew his wife had been looking for a puppy in rescue, and they adopted her. I know she has a fantastic life.....just look at her now.

She has a new life and a new buddy to hang with. Thanks Jim and Jane for helping her out!!!!
More Reliant pics coming up.....and a ton more stuff.
Have a wonderful evening!!!


  1. Aww, I just love the happy endings! It just kills me, how thoughtless some people are about animals. It definitely makes we want to exact "eye for an eye" retribution! Your devotion makes so much difference to these babies, Beth. I hope you know that there are a lot of happier families because of that devotion.


    1. Me and a bunch of other people including yourself. Love you girl!!

  2. Bravo and well done and we wish them well in their new forever homes. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Such wonderful news! I remember (former) Pi from PetFest, when he had been jogging with his foster parent.

    This news made my week! Thank you! Thank you!