Friday, April 5, 2013

So, how's it going.......

It's Friday again, and another busy week. My petsitting is doing really well....have gotten a ton of jobs. My only complaint this week is the weather, I'm sick and tired of waking up to temperatures in the 30's, that's just wrong at this time of year. I like Houston because of the come on and get here!!!!
Okay...on to dog related things. A couple of weeks ago we had a foster family become an adoptive family. They came to look at some of our older dogs, they have an older one and wanted a companion. They looked a quite a few of our dogs and had it down to Ciella and Snowboy. I really thought Snowboy would be too young for their dog, but in the end, Mom liked him the best and they decided to foster and see if it would work out. Turns out Snowboy fit in very well, he got adopted the next week and his name is now Ice. He was in kennel for quite a few months, so I'm super happy that he gets a forever home!!!!
How could anyone resist that sweet face!!!

Here he is with his new family...I know he is having a great time and I hope to soon get some pictures with his new buddy. Have a great new life Ice, we will miss you!!!!
Wanted to include a picture of my friend Dos...he is one of my pettsiting dogs. He really hates it when I leave, as you can see!! They have a window in the front door and he cries every time I go away. He's such a sweet boy!!!
Mr. Dos...wanting to come along for the ride!!!

On of the other dogs I take care of is Lilly. She is a cute one-eyed dog. She will actually be at an adoption event this weekend with Twyla's Friends....check them out, they have a lot of great pets ready for adoption. Lilly is a Boxer/Boston mix...she is still a puppy with loads of energy, the one eye doesn't phase her at all!!!
Another good thing for this week was getting a foster for one of our girls , Fiona. As you can tell by the picture, she's more Border Collie than Husky.
I was never able to take her to events because she didn't look like a Husky, but now she will be able to go to some adoption shows....I think she will get a home soon!!!
Busy Saturday tomorrow......
Some Iniki and Murray updates , and if I can figure out how to get my video on to my computer, an update of BLD/Trooper too.
Have a nice evening.


  1. Hooray for Snowboy/Ice! He is a beauty for sure :-) Also, I am thrilled for Fiona. She is such a sweet girl but, a little confused being surrounded by all the Husky attitude. She was just unsure of what she was! I love her and hope she finds a furever home.

    On another note, I don't know how you could leave Dos behind. That face clearly says "I love you so much. PLEASE, take me with you!" You're a stronger woman than I!


  2. Great news about Ice. We hope he fits in well with his forever home. Paws crossed for the rest. For the first time today we have sun and the heating is off. Hooray. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. So happy about Snow Boy and Fiona, both deserving dogs.Well done!


  4. So happy about Snow Boy/Ice! Yea! Urr...I'm dying of today's heat here already and you want more of it?! Plus I'm not to excited about the upcoming a/c bills :). Did you go to the Doggy Party on The Plaza at City Centre today?

    1. Sorry...I know the AC is a problem here. Had a bunch of petsitting jobs that day. Will you be at Pet Expo this Saturday....would love to meet you!!!!!

  5. So happy about Snowboy! I saw Fiona today at Twyla's adoption event. She looked gorgeous and happy. Thanks for posting about Lilly...she's my "accidental" foster. We picked her up off the streets...she's had a hard beginning in life. I hope we can find her a great home soon. My boy Dos looks handsome as usual...thanks for posting about him.

    (Husky Haven volunteer)