Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Wow, it's April already!!! So my April Fools Joke was not posting yesterday!!!
So, first thing I want to talk about is Pet Expo. Husky Haven has a booth there at Reliant on April 13th. If any of you reading my blog are in Houston, please come and say Hi!!! We will be by the agility ring, the show is free , but $10.00 for parking. Come on down!!!
Have a nice update on one of our fav babies, Petrov. He was adopted about a year ago, and I never saw any pics coming, so just assumed everything was great. He was adopted to a terrific family. Last week we got some pictures of our boy. These are of him at the Freeman Library in Clear Lake. He was part of the petting zoo at the library that day. The group picture is from their local paper, The Citizen.

We love you little boy....and know you are having a great life!!!!
Updates on our Iniki and Murray. Iniki had her staples removed this last week and seems to be doing well. Murray , conversely , is having problems. He is not using the leg he had surgery on, we don't know if it's still because of the infection or there are other problems.  He will be going back to the doc soon.....so I guess we shall see. If you can donate for the care of either of these babies , please go to Husky Haven and click our PayPal.
An adoption and more updates tomorrow.....tonight is the season finale of Justified.....with my luck the storm will blow in about the time I am watching that and cut my electricity....sure hope not!!!
Have a great evening.......


  1. Hey Beth- didn't realize you were a fellow Houstonian :) and you like Justified - my Dad got me hooked on it! Can't wait to see it on Thursday (I don't get that channel at home so Dad and I watch it together on my Thursday night visit).

  2. When I read your blog I was so excited that you were in Houston....if you can , please come to Pet Expo, I would love to meet you. If my electricity goes out before Justified gets on the DVR, I may have to meet you on Thursday!!!!!

  3. Hey Beth! Iniki is doing great! She's a talker and she keeps us all updated on what Izzy and Captain Jack are doing. She's the little sister that tattles, lol.

    If you lost power, we have Justified recorded! And Raylan is like Raylan from season one! BadASS!


    1. Thank goodness, my electricity stayed on....great show!! So Iniki loves to talk about everyone!!!!

  4. We hope the storm passed and you still had electricity and managed to watch the last episode of Justified. We are glad Iniki is doing well and we send POTP to Murray. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly