Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day......

And I'm back. I know it's been a month since I posted....really so many things going on and I have been working on some other projects ( a book , for one ) so I've kind of been ignoring my blog. I am going to make up for that because I do really enjoy it. So, let's have a few updates!!
Miss Sukari finally found a wonderful new home last month. After her disaster of an adoption and return in November we tried really hard to find her a good home. A young couple from Louisiana came in with their dog , Blue, to meet her.....and although it wasn't love a first sight they were good together. The next week Denise and her husband drove Sukari to her new home. Things are going great!! She and Blue are having a wonderful time!!

Hoping our pretty girl is going to have a long, fun life in Louisiana!!
I get pictures and updates about once a month from Kaskea's mom and dad. They also call me once a month just to let me know how happy they are with him. I love that. He is doing great with Mya, they love to play and run around. So happy for him!!!

They are also very diligent about grooming since he is a wooly.
My last pic of the day is one very familiar guy, BLD. Apparently he loves to sleep in front of the fridge.....

Charlene says he is helping to keep everyone from over snacking!!
I don't have much news about our director.....she has been going to chemo treatments and I guess we will see how it goes. I like to be optimistic..
Once again have a safe holiday....
See you soon.....


  1. Thanks for all the updates. Kaskea looks amazing! I am so glad he seems to have found the perfect home. Sukari and Blue are looking good together and I am really excited to get more updates from them. I think they are going to be a terrific pair. I question the wisdom of BLD being in charge of refrigerator security. I seem to remember him being a snack snatcher, given the opportunity. Oh well, perhaps his experience is what makes him best qualified for the job. Love all these pups and I'm happy to hear about them!

    Please, everyone, keep sending positive thoughts our directors way.

    1. Even Charlene questions BLD's security duty!! I love getting updates from our adopters!!!