Monday, March 14, 2016


     I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to start year number five with my blog......then a lot of things happened. My dad is nearing ninety and was having a lot of recurring health issues....took him to a million doc appointments in the last couple of weeks....cleared most things up, but he has also decided to go to senior living....such a relief to me....24 hour monitoring....I get a bit of a break.....don't have to worry every minute of the day.
     So you know I told Lizzy a couple of weeks ago that I would devote more time to that's what I'm going to do. Pretty sure she will be very unhappy when she reads this....she truly hates her baths. Since she's been sick I haven't bathed her as much , but with the weather getting warmer (it was almost 90 in Houston today!!) , and the fact she can't handle most flea meds, the bath will be the thing.
    Denise and I took her to Earthwise.....very cool pet store...we will be doing some adoption events there. They have a combo shampoo/rinse system so you don't have to bring shampoo with you and you don't need to pause between the shampoo and rinse...a plus for my girl!!!
     Started out this....

     Then it went to this......tried to get a video on this blog since 3 am this morning...after two or three hours I'd try again....never worked....I think my computer is dying.....
     No video...but suffice to say Lizzy was crying so much the whole store had to find out what horrible things we were doing to her. Poor girl.......just trying to keep you clean!!!!
Have a wonderful evening and keep your fingers crossed I don't have to get a new computer just yet....


  1. Poor Lizzy. I hope she has forgiven me for being so cruel and trying to harm her. She really had the other patrons convinced we were doing vile and harmful things! Love that girl!

    1. She doesn't remember....but we do!!!! Love her a ton!!!

  2. Awww...poor Lizzy! You meanies!!! :)

  3. Baths really are not much fun

    1. They are not fun for the people that have to give the baths!!!! Lizzy would not agree!!!