Friday, July 17, 2015

One Year Ago.......

One year ago today I woke up to the most horrible thing poor Lizzy so sick she couldn't stop vomiting. It was too early for my vet to be open so I took her to the e-vet. I was supposed to be on my way to my friend Cyndii's to set up for the dog show......but that clearly wasn't going to happen. After a full day at the vet's I found out she had a huge tumor in her gut. A few weeks later I had the tumor removed just to find out she had terminal pancreatic cancer......and three to six months to live. So far she has defied the year and still doing well. The combination of the cancer and arthritis has slowed her down......but she's still here!!!! Really didn't think I'd be saying that today.........
Miss Lizzy in a bit healthier times........

Miss Lizzy now.......
So yesterday we set up for the show......I will have many pics later this weekend.......

Our booth...ready to go....

Contents of our door prize!!!!
I'm so glad Lizzy is still here with me......I never thought that would happen. 
Have a wonderful day......
Many pics this weekend......


  1. This is one of the best things I've read in a long time. I'm so happy for you and Lizzy. Congrats!!!

    1. Thanks Ron.....really appreciate that. I'm so happy!!!!

  2. Aw, such beauty, we love the elder huskerboos, they are the best! Play bows miss lizzy,


    1. Lizzy thanks you....we love the older huskies too!!!

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  3. Hi Beth. I'm so happy Lizzy's as healthy as an ox. I would definitely recommend starting her on turmeric... just add a teaspoon to her spoon. It did wonders to Rin-- our dog with a malignant cyst growing at her tear duct and arthritis. Just give it a month's try. Turmeric is safe for dog consumption, and Rin has had her daily dose since a few year back. Hopefully, it'll help Lizzy live a long and happy life with you guys.