Friday, April 10, 2015

An Un-Husky Post....

I wanted to post about a few dogs.....not Huskies this time.
First up is Miss Lilly...she was a foster of my friend , Becky, for about two years. Don't really know what kind of dog she is , but a real sweet girl. In an unfortunate accident she lost her eye so she was harder to get placed. Someone networked her out of I've said before the south is terrible, no regulations....dogs getting bred all the time.....harder to place here. But not in the northwest and Northeast. Someone saw Lilly and wanted her to have a new home in Portland, Oregon!!! I know Becks had a bit of trepidation.....what if she doesn't fit in, doesn't like her new pal.....I know it's hard sight unseen like that. It looks like she shouldn't have worried, she's fitting right in and they are working with a trainer to make sure the transition is very smooth.....lucky Lilly!!!

Miss Lucy is a darling Beagle that ended up in animal control. She is about 7-8 years old and I know my friend Jen tried very hard to get her a the end she joined Miss Lottie and Miss Dixie in their home. She had a bit of a respiratory problem when she got out of animal control......I think it was stress and some antibiotics and she was much better!!! She's enjoying her life with her two sisters...and they just bought a home so the three of them will have a yard to run around in really soon!!!!

 Oh...she likes to sleep in the hamper!!!!
The last dog is Beau.....I was involved with this myself. I got a call a week and a half ago about a found dog swimming in a neighborhood lake. A very nice family took him in, but had four yorkies and needed a place for him. I started posting all over FB and anyplace I could think of to find out if he had an owner. Of course, no tags or microchip. One of my friends said he would take him if the owner wasn't found and after three or four days he picked him up and fell in love. He had just lost his buddy and was looking for a new pal. Of course after he took the dog a woman contacted me and thought it was hers. I was really upset last weekend....didn't really know what to do when the problem resolved itself on Monday. The woman who lost her do got him back, so my friend got to keep Beau. Rarely in rescue do we get a win-win, but this was one of those!!!

I know that Beau, Lilly and Lucy are in great homes now......just wish we could do that for all dogs!!!!


  1. I just love that "I've found my perfect spot" face! These dogs are very lucky, indeed but, we all know that the new humans are the ones that hit the jackpot!
    I love these stories.

  2. Great job and bravo to all. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thanks for sharing! Great stories :)