Monday, March 9, 2015

Texas Paw Fest......

This weekend we went to Texas Paw Fest. A good friend of mine was putting it on so we decided to join in. It was a medium size show......about 20 rescues, some vendors and the dock dogs. We actually had a prime spot and were able to watch the dock dogs all day from our booth!!!! Saturday started out super's been unusually cold here in March, usually we are getting pretty spring weather by now.....not this year. I will say at least it got to about 55 by the end of the day. We decided to take two dogs that have not been to shows before and see how they worked out. They get along with each other so we were sure they'd be fine together at the show. They were really great for a first time....very well behaved!!!
Kaskea is a woolly so we took him for a bath on Friday, He hasn't had one since we got him out of the kennel.....and he stunk so it was good to get him cleaned up!!!!
Looking better!!! Smelling better too!!!

So we took Kaskea and Justine and actually had a pretty good show. There were quite a few people so we were talking all day. Some pictures of the occasion........
Justine taking a rest!!!

I wish I had a video of the paw thing Justine was doing....

Kaskea and a new friend.

Getting a brush!!! 
Time for a well deserved rest......

Kloe came for a visit....I fell in love with that white dog in the background....deaf and blind.....

Sunday we were not as fortunate....started raining Saturday night and it's still raining Monday afternoon.....needless to say we packed and took off.....but the dock dogs were still jumping, they were getting wet anyway!!!

You can barely see...but one of the dogs is getting ready to jump.....
Sad we had to have the nasty weather...we actually got a few apps in from the show!!!
Have a great evening......
See you soon......


  1. I think I'm still a bit damp from Sunday but, the event coordinators can't control the weather so, it really was just one of those things. The biggest thing was that our dogs got a lot of attention, and we talked to a lot (seriously a LOT) of people. Maybe next time the weather will be more cooperative!

    1. I think I'm still taking wet stuff out of my car!!!! They were really good!!!

  2. Justine and Kaskia were perfect angels and got lots of loving! My video of Justine doing her "pretty paws" technique wouldn't upload on my FB. Sent it to you ladies who are more techy. Hopefully these two beauties find their forever home soon! Sorry you all got rained on Sunday!

    1. I couldn't get the video working for me or it would have been here...we had a good time!!!

  3. Looks like a great event but pity about the weather. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Hopefully we will have some spring weather soon......still nasty and rainy.

  4. Kaskea and Justine are both gorgeous! Love the closeup on Kaskea's fluffy face. :)

    1. He is so sweet and they were both great at the show.....hopefully they find their forever home soon!!!