Friday, May 9, 2014

Fundraiser for Husky Haven.....

So we had our fundraiser last Saturday. Beautiful day, wonderful venue and staff, weather was great and we made a good chunk of change. My only complaint....where was everyone. We had a good turn out , but we sent 800 I guess I expected more. Oh well.....they missed a really good time!!!!! This will be mostly in enjoy!!!!
Checking out the merch!!

Baskin getting a pet

Beautiful dog.....didn't catch the name

Baskin chillin'

Pretty Husky!!!

Zane posing for the camera

Renee happy she won that bottle of Whisky!!!! Sorry Delilah!!!!
We had a blast!!! Thanks to all of you that came out in support and a special thanks to Peter Tran and his crew for making us so welcome!!!
Last weekend we had 3 adoptions and a more soon!!!!


  1. The fund raiser looked like a very fun time. If we had been there- we would have come. It looked like a happy time!

    1. I wish you were around where I you tweedles....kisses from all of us!!!