Thursday, June 20, 2013


I didn't realize that it's been two weeks since I last posted!!! It's been crazy busy for those two weeks, I've been working about 18 hours a day. When I first started my pet sitting business, it was slow going.....not so anymore!! I've barely had time for sleep, let alone my blog and , sadly, my dogs. But today I am back to relative calm, only a couple of jobs and both within walking distance, my favorites!!
We had quite a few adoptions that I would like to catch up on. So let's go!!! A week and a half ago we had a pretty special adoption. Let me tell you the story. Last November we got a note from a family we had adopted a dog to. Unfortunately , Sasha , had lost her battle with aspergillosis. I looked this up and found it is a common mold. Generally it doesn't do anything, but in a dog with a compromised immune system...the results can and in her case, were fatal. Dogs that we take in from animal control already have a disadvantage...we don't know how long they have been living on the streets, what they've been eating, or what diseases they have acquired. Sasha's eyes were attacked and were surgically removed, she was on every anti-fungal to control the growth. She adjusted to the loss of sight , but over time the fungus couldn't be controlled and and with it growing on her spine and brain, and her being in such pain, they and their vet decided to make that hard decision to put her to sleep.
Here is sweet Sasha, I feel for them and it must have been really hard to have to go through that with her. At least she is at the Rainbow Bridge, no longer in pain.
They had decided to come to Houston in June , when their three girls were out of school. The family also decided to take two dogs this time!! We temperament tested a few dogs and the two that stood out were Lucy Lou and Lanny. They played and played problems with these two. The next weekend the family drove in from San Antonio to pick up their new kids!!! I know they will never forget Sasha, but they have given a wonderful home to two deserving dogs!!
Lucy Lou on the left and Lanny on the right. The usual Husky pose.....never look at the camera!!!!
Thanks so much for helping these sweet dogs!!!
More adoptions on the way......
Have a wonderful evening!!!!


  1. I never got to meet Lanny but Lucy Lou was just an absolute sweetheart! I am so happy for both of these dogs but, I am especially happy for the family. Sasha will never be replaced but at least they know that they can always find another love. It takes a lot of strength to lovingly hold your fur friend while they walk such a rocky path to the end of their journey. I am so glad they found the heart to reach down and find that strength to share with two more dogs!


  2. I am so glad they found it in their hearts to adopt two of our beautiful babies! No one can replace Saha but I am sure these two will give them lots of love and laughs!


  3. So happy for the family. We are sure the two will bring so much joy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Such happy news and so glad to see the family photos!