Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first post....

I'm excited to start a blog. Since I retired I've wanted to, but never really knew where or how to start. Today I just decided to go for it!! I live in a suburb of Houston Texas with my three crazy rescue dogs. Since this blog is mostly dedicated to Lizzy...that's a great place to start. When we were growing up we always had cats, my Mom loved cats. When I was an adult I continued to rescue cats. When my last kitty died , I knew I wanted a dog. I always loved Huskies and really wanted to have one in my life. A little over four years ago, I found out there was a Husky rescue very close to my house. I signed up for a work day, not knowing what to expect. I was basically put on poop duty...scooping up the poop in the yard!! The first dog that came up to me was Lizzy, actually she jumped all over me with her terribly muddy paws. She was a real beauty, I'd never even seen a red and white Husky!! I offered to take her to a show the next weekend and picked her up mid week to get her groomed. By the time the show had rolled around I had fallen in love. I took her to the show , because I promised , but after it was over took her home for good. She is the typical alpha female and keeps me and her two brothers, TJ and Tank, in line. I'll be posting about the three of them, but also about all the dogs at Husky Haven. I hope you enjoy my tales and also stories and pictures of the rescue dogs at Husky Haven.

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